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  1. Just finished replacing legacy hardware. Upgraded to this VS 501z and Topside control panel. Programming question. Pump continues to run while in standard mode.. Seems to shut down in in Economy mode. Only Dip switches I have set are 3 and 10. It keeps temperature well.. Runs Great.. Yes It has an insulated cover. All I did was retrofit the hot tub for new hardware, I figure its probably an easy fix to someone more knowledgeable. One motor, Prozone, New VS501z and jets.. Nothing special. Actually pump just kicked off. So I guess its working correctly. Lol... The Template I'm not using seems to be the one I need to use since I don't have a blower. Guess that would require reprogramming something to make the buttons designated.. When I use the Balboa, Blower kicks the pump on low. Guess that's normal. Should I leave it alone considering all other buttons work as they should?
  2. Best Thing I could have done to this spa! The controls are SO much better with the new topside panel. I'm sure this will be safer, more efficient, more reliable alternative; and perfect solution for the problematic old equipment I used to have. So far the new Balboa kit is working great. Tricky to configure at first. After a Youtube video of someone installing and configuring one it was a poc. It did take me all day though, had to replace a blown breaker to top it off. I'm a low voltage technician... I probably shouldn't screw with some things but I do... But what can I say. Just glad I didn't screw up the equipment! Thanks for all the help and input from everyone here.
  3. During priming mode I hear the pump kick in but I can’t get ANY flow through the jets.. I was afraid somehow it was reversed so I swapped the black and red positions on the pump… still no flow… bad impeller? Damn… seems like everything went bad at the same time. air locked into the pump… wow.. never had it not pump anything. Learning experience! Everything’s working as it should!
  4. Last one had to be shot probably because the way I mounted it below the water level. It was probably 4-5 years old anyway… also had a bad check valve. Awesome… all plumbing completed! Now I just have to finish the wiring, fill it up, then turn the power on. Hope it all goes well! “plug and pray”.
  5. Is the wire required?
  6. Not sure I understand.. this is how it was hooked up before… sorry the image is sideways. Just with the power hooked up to the mainboard and the injection hose.
  7. What’s the sensor wire for? I guess that’s what it is. I received it with the new prozone. Not sure what it’s for. Do I need it?
  8. https://www.wildwestpoolsupplies.com/prozone-ozonators-ozonator-120v-w-5-cord-4-position-amp-plug-pziii-x13/ https://www.wildwestpoolsupplies.com/del-ozone-check-valve-barbed-1-4-7-1140-01/ This look ok.. along with check valve, If i have one I'm sure it needs replaced.
  9. Ok… so I should invest in another prozone… any recommendations there?
  10. So I ordered that product.. should have been a sales rep Cranbiz. More bang for the buck.. just hope it plugs into my sensors and Prozone without a hitch..wish me luck.. thanks again for all the advice.. better option than screwing with the overpriced legacy equipment. Just the original jacuzzi h316 board alone runs around 600.
  11. Thanks cranbiz…seems like a great option rather than trying to revive this legacy crap… old tub but it holds water… one pump. So going through the check list… my ozanator is 110 right? probably order it tonight… good info..
  12. Sounds like an awesome plan… can you advise which kit I should retrofit? would definitely love to update it to be bit more friendly in the future. Along with display and whatever I need to make it more reliable and safe. 1 pump.. simple hot tub for the most part.
  13. I do have a multimeter… I’m ok with it I guess… it’s definitely getting voltage when the red light don’t light up on the topside control panel it will boil the water without the pump engaging. I was thinking it would be the high pass. No reset button on this board though. Thanks for all your help I’m definitely no pro but I made it last this long.. if I knew what I was doing I would throw an aftermarket board and top panel on it.. I hate that the only code you get is a flashing red light with this legacy equipment.
  14. I hate to spend 500 on a new board but I’m willing to do whatever it takes:(
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