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  1. Hello guys My water have a to high calcium level 198ppm and I am using a salt system so It have to be 25-75ppm. I have seen the vanishing act pillow on YouTube. But I was wondering what is inside of the pillow? Maybe we can regenerate it. Or is it simpel a resin in it. What other things can I do to decrease the calcium level. Thanks you guys.
  2. Hello guys I have seen a video that there is a service menu for hotspring, the newer models. Just curious if mine has it also. Hotspring envoy 2012. Maybe I can change the speed of a pump. I have 2 exact the same pumps but 1 is 2 speed and the other one 1. I have an iq2000 orca https://youtu.be/rM6AQOaBoLE Thank in advance
  3. Hello guys, The jacuzzi is up and running so now i have to concern about the water values. I have a poollab 1.0, salt and phosphate tester. What are important values, of course PH,Salt,Alkalinity,cloir,Calcium hardness. Do i miss values? In the manual the talk about calcium hardness and in the picture the say hardness 25-75ppm but do they mean calcium hardness. When i use metal clear does that also have effect to calcium hardness? Is cyanic acid also important, i use the choir that's made by ace and sometimes i use the the granules without a stabilizer in it. Thanks for you're time and help.
  4. Hello @ratchett Thanks for your clear explanation, you give answer on all of my questions in once. The moto massage is working the jet arms where faulty so i bought new ones. And all the rest is also good, it is a pink color and i see last night an other hotspring picture and that one had it also. It is petty that there ar no drawings and scheme's for customers, i understand why hot spring doesn't want to have everyone one . But if someone read this, i am looking for it even i will pay for it. Thanks
  5. U have right it is stil 220 but then 3 times the load if you want. But I doubt if I get a benefit at all.so after a few weeks I know more. I was not clear in what I mean, thats because I don't know a lot of electricity. Thanks
  6. Oké, the air hose was delivered today. Unfortunately when I place it in place I see the other problem. Both of my moto massage arm have a faulty broken silicon in it. The official hotspring dealer ask 460 euro's for the parts, I told him it was to expensive because there was an other official dealer 200kilometers away that seller it for 315. He send a mail back, good luck and enjoy you're jacuzzi. So after a road trip I get them and installed them, now it is working great.
  7. @RDspaguy I don't want to be a wise guy but look what I have. The full schematic and how to for 3 phase.Don't know the benefits but it is possible. I have it from a hotspring dealer.
  8. Oke, after a evening on the web i think you have it right.🤔 This hotspring have only a 1500 watt heater and with the pumps it is about 3400 i think so that is enough for single 220 and 1 phase to do everything. A lot of jacuzzis(chinese) have a 3000 watt heater and the users set it on 3 phase to do everything at the same time. I am a quick learner, don't you think😄 Only dig in the specs and think logic but without your answers i don't think i investigate it🤓. So thanks for the help, case closed.
  9. Thanks again, i was outside and i removed the monomassage panel and the hose was broken. The seller said that the mechanic set the stream softer for his back but i think he was lying. I ordered a new hose and fill the bad and i will look what it does with the new hose. maybe the stream is powerful enough and it was all a lie to mask the monomassage movement defect.
  10. yes i understand what you mean but here the people do it a lot. the 3 fase are separate groups in the elctricitybox in the house. In the house are 3 phases coming in from the street. But for now i leave it like 220v till i got the other problems fixed. When i connect it to 3 phases i wil upload the board with the connections and let know what the hot spring mechanic has done. I really appreciate your help, even when we are not on the same page. Thats the nice thing about a forum, we can discuss and bring ideas in.
  11. sorry my bad i mean off course jet dx the motomassage. The jet that go up and down on your back.
  12. yes oké maybe i explained it not right haha i am not an electrician. but in holland we called it krachtstroom.
  13. Hello guys, I have my first real jacuzzi/spa🎉, but i have a few questions. First of all can someone decode my number so i know what build year it is? KKE2P2251 If this is the number that needed. is a technical drawings with part numbers available? Also i want to know how the dual dx monomassage work, the seller says that he cut of a little bit the hose because the stream was to hard for his back. Can i see that somewhere?, because i cant find a clamp or something. And i like to know how the jets go up and down, is it through air?, because my dx monomassage won't go up and down and as i said the jet stream is very soft but that's the only place in the jacuzzi where it is soft. I noticed something that is not original i think, i placed pictures with the text. Sorry for my questions but i have a headache when i see the pink rope. And i hope that i dat bought a problem hotspring.
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