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  1. Hey there! Thats actually the model number…it’s a sterling leisure pure model 2026…not too sure why they chose that as the model number. Unfortunately, I’ve googled a ton of different combinations of words and part numbers, and thoroughly searched at least 10 different online parts websites (including hottubparts.com their suggest parts source. I’ve come up completely empty handed unfortunately. That’s why I’m hoping someone here might have some “insider” information.
  2. Hello all, I have spent hours trying to locate the Weir Filter Door for my new to me Sterling Leisure Pure 2026 hot tub. I am really hoping someone more experienced here can help point me in the right direction on this. I am trying to locate a replacement for the panel assembly that sits in front of the filters and has the weir door attached to it. This all sits underneath of the black rubber filter lid. I found the manual online and they list the part number as HS550109S…unfortunately that part number was useless in finding anything. Anything help would be very much appreciated!
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