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  1. The press and vac on this are just simple micro switches, on/off. There was no In between on them. I was on the 20k ohms when checked, since they’re micro switches there wouldn’t be any resistance unless the coil was in bad shape. Talked with spa depot today and ended up just buying a new balboa pak. 449 for one with a new ozone, Problem solved now, should’ve just gone this way in the first place. Could’ve had it fixed up 2 weeks ago. Regardless I do appreciate the help and direction. I did learn plenty about them thro this little bit.
  2. Haven’t got the board off to look yet as it’s icy and cold. But did take the time to check sensors, zero ohms thro both switches and I can physically see the press switch doing it’s thing and connects when it closes. Vac switch I assume would need to be removed to check for sure. But I have to replace the press switch anyway as one of the connectors broke off. Looks like it got bent one to many times. I also tried fooling it the way you said and no dice. Why it did it the one time still baffles me. I also manually closed that relay with a piece of rubber yesterday to heat it all the way up, it was nice and we wanted to sit in it. Temp sensor is correct, I stuck a thermometer in it. When it gets nicer in a day or two I’ll pull the board. Even if the board is bad, looking like it’s impossible to get one. Grabbed the number off it and got the subbed numbers and everyone is out of stock. What would be the best route to go? Replacing the whole pack doesn’t look like a great idea for me but might be the only option.
  3. Spoke to soon, it heated to 85 and stopped. Bout has to be a bad connection or something somewhere. I can manually close the heater relay and get voltage to the heater. What could be telling it to not close that relay?
  4. No idea why but it decided to start working last night. No rhyme or reason why, went to stick a space heater in the pump compartment and it was hot. ???? I like it when stuff fixes itself but would sure like to know why as I did let mess with it at all yesterday. Just turned the pump on so it wouldn’t freeze.
  5. I was told by another guy at a spa place locally it could be the board or the relay as you said. I didn’t dry fire it, I made sure I bled the air out of the pipe before I turned it on. And no error codes on the display, it just shows the current temp and the adjustment works as it should. Connections all seem to look ok, no burned or discolored wires or relays, but I have not removed it to look at the back yet. I figure if that’s the case the board will need replaced anyway.
  6. New to tubs but not new to electrical and trouble shooting. We picked up an older (1999) cal spa, in really good shape just a couple small leaks at the pump, easy fix. But I bought it knowing it was not heating. Checked element and no ohms…until I got it out then it did…weird. Went ahead an put the new one in, got it filled tonight and still not heating. Checked vac and pressure switches and both seem to be ok. Jumpered the press switch just to be sure bc I didn’t know what voltage should be going thro the switch. I have 110 volts to both posts of my heat element, BUT nothing when I go across both. The heating light on the panel is not coming on either, that could be burned out tho. I have no idea which way to go now. Anyone have any ideas?
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