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  1. That's what I was thinking too! It had to be the reason why it wasn't heating. Turns out, it wasn't. Two weeks ago when we started having all these issues, we scheduled for a technician to come out and look at it. In the meantime, my manly self thought I could get it going, we cancel the technician, and everyone is good. Technician came out this morning and I missed one little jumper (see arrow) that I noticed in the old box but assumed I didn't need it for the new one. At no point did the instructions say to install it or set it. The thought crossed my mind to maybe remove it from the old box and set it in the new one but never went through with it. Tech moved that jumper, checked everything else, said it was good to go and didn't charge us anything. It's now heating up nicely! Thanks @RDspaguy for the help and advice! I really do appreciate everything!
  2. So an update... I replaced the plug at the end of the power cord but that did not fix the issue. Last night I replaced the entire control box and control panel, installed the software, programmed the control panel per the instructions (J1-J26), wired everything the way it's supposed to, but, the red "Heat" LED on the circuit board flashes red. It has a new Hi-limit, thermistor, pressure switch, new filter (it's not even installed right now) and heating element. I refilled the tub through the filter opening and ran it on high a few minutes to purge any air. I've basically done everything I believe needs to happen to make this thing work. What am I missing? 😖 FYI...ignore the improperly connected Thermistor in the upper RH corner. I reset it correctly. But even before the improper connection, the red "HEAT" LED would flash and even after resetting it, the LED still flashes red.
  3. Neutral + Hot: 122 Neutral + Ground: .02 Hot + Ground: 122 Tells me the outlet is good but the GFCI cord is wired incorrectly?
  4. Here are the results: White/Black: 120.5 White/Green: 1.158 Black/Green: 121.5 Left Terminal/Green: 0.82 Right Terminal/Green: 0.83
  5. I actually replaced both of them because as you said, they're fairly cheap and I have no idea how old they are. Now I'm questioning if the ground wire (or what I presume is the ground) was replaced by someone else at some point because this is the only wire with yellow crimps. Is this normal? Is it possible someone did some work and re-connected the ground (again, what I presume is the ground) incorrectly? Or am I doing something incorrectly? You're not going to hurt my feelings if you say I'm a d'ass lol
  6. @RDspaguy, I was finally able to get the readings you were asking about. With the thermistor, the reading was 20.33 The hi-limit switch was 21.22 The pressure switch is new but I checked for continuity. The beeper went off but it was all zeroes across the display
  7. I should also add, I checked the wire you were suspicious about. It checks out fine, visually. I can see in the image I posted where it might look damaged but it could be the black/white stripe color of the wire you're seeing.
  8. I measured the posts/leads separately using a ground and got ~60v on each post. Together, however, there's zero. I'm attaching a pic of the inside of the cover. It's lined with an insulating material. I pulled some of it away the other day to see if by chance there was something back there but I didn't see anything. I also re-checked the compartment itself to see if I missed anything but there's nothing. I should mention, the manual has diagrams in them. Not sure if this is what you were referring to though. Glancing over them, our set-up is not listed. The only 115v diagram listed is for the 30 amp conversion (ours is not). Other than that, no other diagrams exist on the hot tub that I've been able to find. When I get home tomorrow, I'll get these readings and post them.
  9. Let me know if there are more pics you need/want We went ahead and bought a new filter as well. I even ran it without the filter just to make sure there was no obstruction (or at least "hopefully" no obstruction). We're sure it's not heating. Based on what I've read online and the owners manual, there is no circ pump for this system. There is a "hack", if you will, where you can add a circ pump and completely bypass the low pump but that's a rabbit hole I'm not willing to go down. According to the manual, the hot tub should heat when the pump is on "Low" and shut off when it's switched to "High." If it is switched back to "Low", it then goes into "Tranquil Mode" where it waits ~ 10 minutes before the heater kicks in. So based on what I've read (and what I'm assuming), we turn the pump on "Low", the thermostat sensor determines if there is a need for heat, turns the heater on, and the pump runs continuously until it reaches the desired temp then shuts down. It (pump) then cycles on/off to maintain the set temp. When we turn the hot tub on "Low", it will only run about 1 hour then turn-off. There are no other modes other than "Sleep Mode." I contacted another guy after watching his video on YouTube on how to test the heating element. Based on the readings I got, he suggested I replace the heating element. I'm waiting the tub to drain so I can change it out. The reading I got were about 15 ohms, 0 voltage, and 0 amps. I checked the voltage at the point the wires connect to the heater and also at the connectors on the circuit board itself. Same-same: 0 voltage w/tub running on "Low" I do have multimeter (bought a newer one today in fact since my other one is rather old). And there are no wiring diagrams either located behind the cover/panel.
  10. My wife and I just bought a used Solana TX and either I'm not doing something correctly, or it's not working correctly. We plugged it in and hit the LOW setting on the jets, but it does not warm up. Did some research and assumed it was the pressure switch based on what I read online. Replaced the pressure switch, plugged it back into the wall (115v) waited 15 minutes and it never kicked on by itself. The display will light up, flash "102" as the temp but "READY" light continues to flash, all for about 10-15 seconds then the display goes dark. The only way the jets come on is if we hit the jets button. Even then, it runs for approx. 1 hour then shuts off and again, the "READY" display will flash. The image is of course the control board. The video shows what it does continuously (still doing it as I type this). Talk to the local Solana/Caldera/Hot Spring dealer and they were less than helpful. He's not sure why it's not sending power to the jet pump to kick in automatically. Getting a technician out won't happen until 31 Jan. What do I need to look for? This is our first hot tub so we're learning 20220116_173226.mp4
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