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  1. Is there any way you can replace the low voltage power supply board with out replacing the whole mother board ?
  2. I have the same exact iq2020 set up , I replaced my heater relay with the one like this , I am so frustrated, now the new board makes the breaker trip . I want to ask, is it normal to have melted black plastic under that yellow square to the left of the jumpers jp1-jp12 I’ll send a pic, also I have a Sumatran and the manual has one jumper configuration that is different then behind the iq2020 door , which one should I use .
  3. It’s circled on the owners manual Sumatran model N , it’s the convertible model idk where to find the serial number I don’t know if any of these are them ?
  4. My instructions say 30 run the heater and 20 amp runs the pumps and everything else’s . would it be worth a try putting the load on the 20 breaker ? Everything works correctly on the 20 amp . And the 30 amp breaker does stay not trip if the heater is Un plugged
  5. The strange thing is if I follow the jumper instructions from inside panel it still trips heater breaker , then if I follow owner manual wich is different then spa panel Manuel . The jumper pins jp1-jo12 same thing
  6. I did , I replaced it with a heater with no. Pressure switch , now my 30 amp trips soon as I turn it on wires are tight relay boards brand new idk what to do
  7. Jp1 - jp12 where do they go ? I have the jumpers on heater relay correct I think 5-4 are jump for 240 , just don’t know about the little program jumpers
  8. I need help , I spent all my money on this and it still won’t work . I got a brand new heater relay board , new heater new circulation pump new filter clean water cleaned the jets , long story short , the 30 Amp breaker trips , my 20 amp stays on , the q2020 panel diagram is different then the instructions on the owner Manuel . I don’t know what program jumpers I should use . For a 2007 tiger river Sumatran.
  9. I got a used hot tub and the previous owner had the pressure switch bypassed . When I take the clip out of the by pass it shows ready blinking and power. When I have the clip in the by pass in , it says power but no ready , idk if it’s bypassed correctly or not .
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