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  1. I have a Bullfrog R7 that is less than 2 years old and the GFCI breaker keeps tripping. Had the breaker replaced with a new one but it keeps on tripping. Every component was disconnected ( ozonator.,2 pumps, lights, heater ) and the breaker still trips immediatly once activated. I suspect it's the powerpack board. If I do disconnect the hot leads from the powerpack the GFCI breaker stays on. Once I reconnect to the board it trips. I also checked all the fuses on the board and they are all good. Any Suggestions ?
  2. Bullfrog only has a 1 year warrenty on lighting and it just expired. When I switch the liight on it only comes on as white. I used to able to tap the switch to different colors. Any suggestions what would be causing this and also how would it be repaired? ?
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