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  1. Thanks for the help! Replaced the temp sensor as diagnosed by CanadianSpaTech , working fine , might take a day or two to heat up .... the water temp was 6.8C after filling . Brrrrrrrr
  2. Canadianspatech : is there a way to test the temp sensor ? I was thinking the water in the heater tube was not moving due to the flow switch even with the pump running ? This is a 2006 Jacuzzi that I have had since new ... replaced the circ pump last year , new filters a few months ago when I started getting FL1 error ...which seemed to fix the problem until now so it wasn't the cause . Thank you for your help
  3. Hello , I have a question regarding the flow switch . My tub runs fine for about 6 hrs heating up normally then kicks out with the oh (overheating) but the tub has only partially heated . I can reset and again only get 5-6 hrs before it kicks out again . Could the flow switch be intermittently working every time I reset ? I have one ordered but it seems to be held up . I cannot access one locally . I don't want to burn out the heater or cause other damage and I can't leave it off for too long now as winter is here. I tried disconeccting the flow switch and jumping the wires .... got the same results . I was thinking of removing the flow switch until mine arrives and I can replace it ... any other ideas ?
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