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  1. Hi All, I have an in-ground hot tub with two pumps, pump#1 (a super pum) for the filter/gas heater and pump#2 (a variable speed pump) for the jets. The specs are at the bottom of the post. I would like your feedback on how to increase efficiency and not waste electricity. Currently, pump#1 runs 24/7 and pump#2 only runs when we use the hot tub (once a week). Pump#2 (variable speed pump) is very efficient, but pump#1 (super pump) is constantly running at full RPM making it expensive on the electric bill. I can manually turn off pump#1 and make it run for certain hours of the day but during the winter season, since the gas heater is outside, I cannot let the water inside the heater freeze. I was thinking of two solutions: 1) Buy a Variable speed pump to replace the super pump and program it to constantly run at the lowest RPM and occasionally increase RPM so the heater can run. ($2K) 2) Buy a OMNI automation controller system so it can control the pumps. ($not sure of the cost) I am trying to find a way that so I dont have to be involved on a day to day basis. Thanks in advance for your feedback! Sportguypro. Hot tub: 500 Gallon in-ground Hot tub. Jets: Pump#1: Hayward Ecostar Variable Speed Pump Specs: 230V (60HZ) 10.9 Amps RPM: 600-3450 Heating & Filtration system: Pump#2: Hayward Super Pump 1/2 HP Model C48D45A04 Specs: 230V 5.5 Amps Filter: Hayward Xstream Model CC150CAN Cartridge filter Heater: Hayward Gas Heater H250 Model:H250PED2 Specs 250,000 BTU
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