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  1. Thanks for this. So I guess a hot tub engineer is the best person for the job?
  2. Hiya! Thanks for your reply. After I posted the original I spoke to a local spa engineer and he said to leave it off 48 hours. It's done this and that code is coming up sounds like it starts then cuts out and resets Occasionally it was coming up with FLO on the screen. No pump is running or heating. Filter was changed a week ago and not used since! May I ask how do I test the fuses? And what would I be testing for? Many thanks
  3. Hi all. Yesterday I was getting the 269 r2 ll1 error message on our 5 year old tub. Turned off at the power point and it came back with the error. Left overnight and now saying FLO error on the screen. Spoke to hydropool and without an engineer think it may need a pack replacement. Cost to replace and fit was over 1000. This seems expensive or is it just an expensive product? Thanks in advance for your help!
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