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  1. I've got the tube tightened in, and that bit with the yellow sticker squeezed in tight. It looks like the red wire should be going to the high speed... relay(?), but the black wire (low speed) is going there instead. It also looks like something may have burned on that low speed connection.
  2. I've got pics, but after a quick dig, I'm not finding one of my multimeters. I'll just grab a new one, rather than tear my storage unit apart haha
  3. So, I bought a house last spring that came with an older Gecko tub, and was told it was not operational. This summer, on my week off work, I randomly decided to push the "on" button, and was surprised to hear the pump kick on. So I filled it with water and left it overnight, to check for leaks, and found none in the tub itself, but the filter housing was badly cracked. Last week, now that I'm off work for the winter, I thought I would see if I could get it up and running, so I replaced the filter housing and some of the plumbing to get it all sealed up. Yesterday, I turned it on again, and it runs nicely and circulates water, BUT.... The display simply reads "0", and it doesn't seem to be producing heat at all. And being that I have no relevant experience with hot tubs, I was hoping to get a bit of guidance on diagnosing the issue. I've attached some pictures that may be of use. Thanks!
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