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  1. I came to a similar conclusion that I can keep the spa hot just using pump#1 (with pump#2 unplugged) until I can have the circuit board replaced. I don't think that I will go the repair route any longer. Thank you very much for the advice!
  2. Can I access the circuit board or do I need to call a Spa Tech? Is the circuit board under the push button display? I am reasonable proficient at repairing circuit boards, but I know nothing of where the circuit board is or how to access it.
  3. Yes, pump#2 stays on continuously. When the power is turned on, only the blower should start. However, both the blower and pump#2 runs. The triangle indicator shows only the blower running for the 1st minute (even though pump#2 is running). After the 1st minute, the pump#2 triangle indicator comes on, the blower shuts off, and pump#2 continues to run. After the 2nd minute, pump#2 triangle indicator turns off (but pump#2 continues to run) and pump#1 indicator turns on with pump#1. Finally, I can press pump#2 indicator at any time and the triangle indicator will toggle between on and off with pump#2 running continuously.
  4. Since I said Trevi instead of Dynasty, you already have figured out that live in Quebec. I have attached a picture of the spa pack (with the pump#2 unplugged). The only diagram that I can find is on the power supply, but it doesn't show contacts. I tried to open the power supply (see picture below), but I can only get access to the input wires since the box appears to be Ingress Protection (IP) X5. supply
  5. I am having the same problem that a number of other persons here seem to be having ...pump #2 won't shut off. I have a 2014 Trevi Exalta spa. Everything was working fine until I turned on pump #2 and now it won't turn off until I shut off the power. I have cycled the power off and on 3 times without any differing results. I have pressed and held the pump #1 button until the display panels shows "off" and the pump stays on. When I press the pump #2 button, the display panel indicates pump #2 on and I press in again and the pump #2 indicates off, but the pump stays on. No error codes are shown on the display panel. Pump #2 is a single speed pump and pump#1 is the two speed pump that won't shut off until the temperature setting is lowered to below the current water temperature. Has anyone found a fix for this problem? Thank you
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