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  1. I hadn’t but I did do it a few times now. Still not sure things are normal given that I now got my floater and I have it open on setting 8 and my FC is still pretty low. But I’m going to monitor over the next few days and see.
  2. I’m in Canada and got my hot tub going using a one step product. It took a while for the bank to build but then things were ok… for a while. But now I’ve noticed that I add product and when I test the next day my bromine is always at zero. I use the Taylor kit I have for my pool with the FAS-DPD, I just multiply FC result by 2.25. Which of course, lately I don’t need to bother doing since it’s always zero. Is sodium bromide like CYA for chlorine, where as it gets high you need more and more dichlor to keep the levels up? I never bothered changing to a floater because I wasn’t getting around to going to the pool store, I thought the only downside to continuing with my one step product was that it was needlessly expensive. Maybe I was mistaken?
  3. Firstly, thanks a lot for the detailed answer. I'm feeling much better already. You make that kind of investment in something, last thing you need is for things to go to **** in the first two weeks! OK, in all likelihood that was my problem, I didn't keep the chlorine level high enough in the first couple weeks (i'm going on third week now) and so the chlorine level was getting low very fast even though it got super high after I put a few scoops of granules in it. Now that it's been a few weeks and in the past days I made sure to put more granules more often, it seems like FC is getting more stable. That's good to know. I was trying to follow the recommendations in the manual that state 100-150pm are optimal levels. I'll look into lowering it if pH doesn't stabilize, it's been a bit better lately, it rises a bit, but not the wild swings I was getting before. I have the K-2006 with FAS_DPD, so not the Bromine one. I did read about multiplying by 2.25 for Bromine so that's what I've been doing. One thing I'm still not sure of, is there a way to know that I've built that bromide bank? And once built, I assume it will get depleted, but is it at a pretty slow rate? Could I just use a floater most of the time and then once in a while drop some of my granule solution instead to add some sodium bromide?
  4. I just got a new jacuzzi and am having a bit of trouble with the chemistry. One issue I have is that I was sold a mix of sodium bromine and dichlor in granules and told I could just use that. But then after coming online I’m seeing posts about a bromide reserve and just using bleach in some places, in others it says use dichlor tablets. At this point, I still have a crapload of my granules and wondering if I can keep using that or should switch. It’s been a struggle keeping ph low enough, it’s rising all the time. Today, I added some granules and turned on the jets and there was quite a bit of foam, and I also noticed the water is cloudy. I suspect I may not have been using enough sanitizer, but not sure. Here are my latest test results, obtained with a Taylor kit. Only thing I don’t have is FC because it keeps dropping quite fast and by the time I test it’s usually 0 until I dump more bromine/dichlor in: ph: 7.7 TA: 110 Ch: 170 CYA: 60 Any help is appreciated. I just keep reading that spa water can go south much faster than water and you sometimes have to empty and restart. Given that it’s already freezing here, I’d rather not have to do that.
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