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  1. I am all for you guys making money and have no problem paying for parts and labor. I've owned a auto repair business for 10 years and our saying was "you don't bring you're own eggs to waffle house." The pump I needed was not in stock and the service tech indicated they would have to order it anyways and for me to let them know what I wanted to do. I decided to live without the 2nd pump for now. Yes $1300 was parts, labor, warranty and it is an OEM pump. The wire into the control panel as best as I can tell is very secure and where it dislodged was from the main panel. Pins looked ok and I have had it off a second time to see if I put it on backwards, but it seems to only go in one way. I have a call to have it serviced and my guess is somehow the main panel got damaged? All I know is when the spa boots up it triggers that light in seconds, so I know it is a hard fault.
  2. Thanks for the reply....I saw where the OEM pump (it has 2) was close to $1k plus labor and my comment to the tech was I don't want to google this and find an alternative pump for $500! I will check the connections on the top side and see if something has slipped out and maybe catch a break. Will update the thread if that is the case.
  3. I have a 2004 Tiger River Bengal model that has not been used much recently. Background-It needed a new top and water flushed and when I select the jets button it only works on the 3rd try. Had a service tech diagnose the #2 pump-$1300-and not in stock so I passed on that repair. We don't use the jets much and so I can live with that and everything else checked out. The front cover and panel were off since I was thinking of doing the repair myself and somehow the front cover fell and tore a few gray wires out of the panel and the high limit sensor wire tore in half. Drained and refilled everything and connected what I found missing and booted up tub and power light started flashing within seconds. Opened a few connectors to purge some air and tried it another dozen times....nothing. I replaced the high limit and temp sensors (my original had metal plugs....the new one's are shorter and plastic but all connectors matched up) and now I am getting bubbles/circ pump is working but still flashing power light and control unplugged light comes on seconds after start up. No stereo, etc. and have an email for service but that may be another week or so. Anything I can try? I've checked all connectors and nothing is burnt, etc. One of the wires that came out was the control panel flat wire. I have reinstalled this a few times and it feels like it only can go in one way and included that in pics also. Long story and thanks in advance for any insight.
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