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  1. I have 338 rev.3 software , I don't have LL option like on the pdf you posted, do you think upgrading my soft to rev. 10 would help?On the pic below , you can see where my CP is connected (N to p57 , L to P51)
  2. Hi, I just got my first hot tub and I am super exited about. Since I am located in south Poland we have a pretty cold winters and I need some help. I have a CP running 24/7 and I cannot change it with my in.k800 . My setup is : 2 x 3hp pumps 1x UV 1x Ozone 1x Blower 1 x CP Two 3HP pumps and a blower are connected to A1 A2 A3 and CP With Ozone is connected directly to the board. My question is : Is there any anything I can do so my CP won't be on 24/7 and I can set up filter cycles with my in.k800? P.S . I made a huge mistake buying from a dealer that has no idea about hot tubs and is selling garden equipment. Sorry for my english as well:)
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