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  1. Hi, In my refurbished spa I installed Balboa VS501Z controller with Laing E14 single speed circulating pump. I have one pump only setup and no other attachments. I want the circulating pump to either circulate 24 hrs a day and the heater to kick in when needed to bring water temperature up or to circulate for 2 hrs every 12 hrs and continue longer if the temperature set up is not reached. I tried connecting the pump to all three: - J23 as a main pump with DIP set up A5 on/A9 off as a single speed pump, it runs but I am getting dr/dy error code. There is no obstruction of flow. E14 produces a strong flow, supposed to be 35 GPM, the minimum on balboa is 25 GPM. - J17/26 - it runs, but stops within 10-15 minutes - no codes - J47 - it runs, but stops within 10-15 minutes - no codes I tried to play with DIPs: A3 is on as I have a mini panel, A10 on or off. Also page 7 of the manual says "Alert: Blower on 1 speed Pump 2 is required, connect to J17/26. If no Blower and no pump 2, use VS500Z or VS515Z". Does it mean I can not set up the one I bought - VZ501Z with only one pump? What am I missing? Thank you,
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