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  1. Always been weak. Are there other impellers available? Are they rated by GPM? The old tub was the exact same size with 1 1/2 hp pump and only 4 jets and it had a lot more action. Not knowing that much about the pumps or impellers, etc. I thought it must be the plumbing.
  2. Sorry, I meant to say the unit is running for 4 years without any problems with the filter. Are there pumps that have better impellers than others? Would you have recommendations. You mentioned having only 1 pump. Would an additional pump give me more action and if so how should it be installed? Parallel with 1st pump OR perhaps in the return line OR other?
  3. Piping diagram. All the pipes are 2" except thru the heat exchanger which is 1 1/2".
  4. Pressure at Filter while main pump is on is 21 psi. Yes it is plumbed correctly as shown on the face of the filter. No change in pressure with heat exchanger loop. Heat exchanger is in Parallel with main pump before the filter. The unit has been running for 4 years without any problems with the filter. Filter has been cleaned twice a year.
  5. The tub is a Bradford, it has 8 Hayward Hydrotherapy jets. See pic below. Unfortunately the pump spec sticker is too close to a wall to get a good photo of it. It was asked, "compared to what" I had a Bradford spa at my old house that stayed in place when we moved to where we are now. That spa had a 1 1/2 hp pump with similar setup of heat exchanger vs. gas or electric heater. The action was very good. As you can see by the pic of the pump, etc. The setup is about 6' below the tub which is located outside, the other side of that wall. The return comes in and directly into the pump. Leaving the pump it goes thru the filter and then back out to the tub. Just above the main pump in the return line, is a tee that goes into a fractional hp pump and then into a stainless heat exchanger and then back down into the output line of the main pump, just before the filter. I have check valves in place so that there is no back flow. The heat exchanger has hot water coming from another zone of heat off my homes main boiler. There is a thermistor in the line that works with my thermostat in the control box. A call for heat pulls a relay that turns on the fractional hp to circulate tub water thru the heat exchanger and at the same time fires the boiler and the house circulating pump which circulates thru the heat exchanger keep the tub hot + or - 1 degree. My old tub had a similar setup and was located in the old basement, same as this one. Since the pump/filter/heater package was no longer commercially available, I had to build my own from scratch. Thoughts? I appreciate you help, thank you.
  6. I have an inground jacuzzi that is under performing. It came fully plumbed, all I had to do was install a heater, filter, pump etc. and make the final connections. I have a 4 hp 2 speed pump and am using 2" pvc. There are 4 90 elbows in the return and 5 in the supply. Distance from pump to tub is about 15' of piping. If I eliminate some of the 90's will I get better action from the jets?
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