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  1. Im certain all jets are working and I dont detect any pressure changes on them (by touch). I put new filters on last night. Kinda stuck my hand down in there before putting that filter on and def felt some good suction. Its possible I never noticed before that one did and one didnt but Id almost bet a paycheck both would go down previously. If i turn pump 1 on high it will go down with a little help.
  2. My swimspa is just a few months old. There is a filter in 2 different corners of the tub. Typically when the pump is on low and especially high, you can see both of the plastic prefilters get sucked under the water from suction. At the moment the one on the right in the photo doesnt seem to have enough suction to pull it under. I even swapped filters and have the same outcome so i dont think its a dirty filter however i cant notice any different force in the jets on either side of the tub (which may be irrelevant). Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply Ill try that. I did search quite a bit but a lot of the scenarios didnt seem to match mine such as issues w high TA. Youre idea makes sense. Thanks again
  4. I have a 1600 gal swim spa i recently drained and changed to bromine. TA is about 80ppm and bromine is usually around 5 but lately i have to add muriatic acid (about 1/3cup) each day bec PH seems to climb each day. Any ideas? I do also see phosphates testing high but get mixed reviews as to how important that is. Thank you Adam
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