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  1. Thanks @waterbear, your post is again super-informative, I really appreciate it. I've also experienced that finding information reg. Huwa-San is difficult, not sure if their webmaster is just incapable or if, yeah, that's a red flag. If I may .. could the slow sanitizing effect of silver still be enough for two people using a smallish, private pool? It's really just my wife and me, taking a swim every other day or so. I'm not sure if we need to be concerned about virus contamination, being a married couple. Bacteria and fungi on the other hand are definitely things we want to keep at bay.
  2. Yeah, it's a bit difficult to navigate their products. There is a "Huwa-San Spa Pool" https://www.safesol.co.uk/product/spa-pool-disinfectant-5-silver-stabilised-hydrogen-peroxide-5-litres/ and a "Huwa-San Pool" https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Huwa-San-chlorine-free-disinfection-hydrogen-peroxide/dp/B06XW4PPFL
  3. @waterbear, @RDspaguy, we've come across a product called Huwa-San TR-5 (Spa Pool). This seems to be a chlorine-free solution, the only downside per their website is a bit more frequent filter cleaning. Would you happen to have any experience with this? (and to the assumption above, yes, our endless pool is indeed stainless steel) Thanks, Simon
  4. Very helpful post, thank you @waterbear. We'll talk it over, but I think we might look into alternatives to E-clear. I wonder if there are any good non-chlorine (non-bromine) sanitizers on the market. (We live in a "site of special scientific interest" with no drainage, so a pool full of chlorinated water is something we'd like to avoid)
  5. Hi, first post here. We've moved into a house with an Endless Pool, sanitized by an E-Clear system (MK-75 sanitizer and ionizer). The previous owner didn't use the pool and didn't maintain it. Now it seems we need to replace some parts and get it working again, but we're struggling to contact E-Clear. Also, I've read here and there that their system is more of a hoax than actually working. So... do any members here use E-Clear? Is the company still active? Thanks, Simon
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