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  1. I think even though the filters were white and looked clean that they were caked with Calcium and/or other mineral deposits restricting flow. Since replacing the cartridges with brand new ones I haven't had any additional fault codes appear.
  2. I turned off power to the spa last night because there was a new "HEATER DRY" message. I removed the filters as you suggested, and restored power with all of the covers off to see if I could determine if a pump was not working. After priming, this time the display showed the temp and allowed me to start the jets. The suction on the skimmers seemed normal. Is it possible that the suction is there but the filters may still need to be replaced?
  3. We inherited the spa when we purchased the home last year, so I will try to answer the questions as best possible. 1) Filters were cleaned. Tomorrow I will try removing them to see if it impacts the flow. 2) Not sure. There are several pumps due to it being a swim spa. How would I be able to tell. 3) Yes, I have a multimeter. 4) I don't have a wiring diagram, but have posted some photos of the controller board, heating element, and display.
  4. Have a 1500 gallon Barefoot Vetis swim spa with Balboa EL 8000 controller. A few days ago I went out and the spa was at 80 degress when it was set to 100 degress. I replaced the filters and reset the power to the tub. It worked it's way back up to 100 degress. A couple days later it had an alternating "SERVICE REQD" / "HTR TEMP LMT" message on the screen. I pressed a button and it showed the temp and began running the ozone and showed the temp as 92. I checked on it later and it said "SERVICE REQD" / "SENSOR SYNC". I turned off the power and took a look at the inside of the controller. One of the fuses looked weathered, so I replaced it and started everything back up. Same issue :( Is this a bad sensor, bad heater, bad pump/flow issue, or something else?
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