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  1. RDspaguy, thank you for spreading the word. I’ve learned that several of my neighbors have the same 250 meter running 400,000BTU HEATERS. Very frustrating.
  2. I have a 16 month old Jandy jxi heater that comes on ignites and shuts off after a few seconds. The consensus after multiple people have looked at it is a gas flow issue. With a manometer connected it reads 13 WC and instantly drops to almost nothing the instant the heater ignites. The error code shows ignition problem. I have other gas appliances including a generator, however with the exception of the water heater none of them are on when this is occurring. If it is I’m fact a gas problem would up grading my meter help? It’s a250.I’ve had a new regulator installed with no effect. I am confused by the fact that it seemed to work for awhile and then stopped. If it is a gas flow problem wouldn’t that be an issue from day one? Will an upgraded meter improve the flow,or just the pressure? The gas company is coming out tomorrow. I’m at my wits end with this thing. I have the exact same heater at my house up north which works fine, although I do remember having to upgrade my meter before that was installed. I admit that I’m not experienced with self repair of these units. I seems like I’m heading down the path where the heater guys say it’s the gas and the gas guys say it’s the heater. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
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