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  1. Just replaced all the jets on my 2013 jetsetter and now I want to replace the insulation that I had to rip off. I still have the old foam but most of it is in smaller pieces so it would be a little difficult to reuse. I want to avoid using spray on foam (except for the bottom of the tub that I took a chunk out of) just in case if I ever have to go in again to make a repair. Would using fiberglass insulation be a good alternative to stuff in there? Any ideas?
  2. Also while I have this topic open any tips for getting stains out the inside of the cover? I'm guessing same procedure as mentioned above or slightly less harsh chemicals?
  3. Yup, you should never mix chemicals that you don't know what the resulting reaction will be. Sorry I probably worded that wrong. I ment if the muriatic acid didn't work I would try the bleach.
  4. Gotcha. I'll give tho a try in the morning. How long do I leave it it soak in the muriatic acid and bleach if I have to take that route?
  5. 2013 Jetsetter. I winterized the tub with RV antifreeze to keep it safe before I moved and now when I cleaned off the antifreeze that was mostly dried it has left a stain. Is there anyway to remove this stain? Soak in Vinegar? Bleach? Fiberglass stain remover?
  6. Is there a rebuild kit I can purchase for this heater? Edit: Found it. However the reviews mentioned that a small leak did persist after replacing them but I'm going to give it a try. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CPHF49G/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.spadepot.com/gasket-Kit-4-Watkins-Hot-Spring-Double-Barrel-Heater-P3111
  7. Bump. Any idea on what the best method to clean this stuff out is?
  8. 2013 Jetsetter. Doing some maintenance on it by replacing tubing, ozonator, etc and noticed that there is a bunch of corrosion on the heater. Will this effect the performance any? Should I clean it off/leave it be? If I should remove it what's the best way?
  9. Thank you. I just found this cheaper one that says it fits the serial number of my tub https://backyardplus.com/parts/72727-byp-elbow-3-4in-x-3-4in-barbed-with-1-4in-barbed-nipple/ As luck may have it, I just recently got time to inspect the spa to figure out all the items and parts that I need to replace and while I was looking for a jumper wireto convert from 220v to 110v) in the bag of supplies the previous owner of the tub gave to me I found a brand new ozonator! I guess the previous owner know about it going out and purchased a new one but never got around to installing it. It looks brand new but I haven't tried out if it works or not. Could be a dud. Not getting my hopes up just yet 😁 I do have another question though. What exactly is this wire? It's in the suction side of the tub. The wire is cut at both ends. Maybe it was an led light? Zone 2 is missing on the board so that's the only thing I can think of.
  10. Gotcha. I was just trying to go aftermarket to save a little on cost but I guess there is no way around that. Do you know what the cheapest place to buy a Freshwater III system would be? Trying to find the best deal. Either way I have to replace it since the nozzle broke off when I was trying to remove the tube from it.
  11. I have a 2013 Jetsetter that I purchased used and want to preform some maintenance on it. Part of the fitting that connect to the ozonator broke off when I tried to remove it and now is the perfect time for me to replace it. However, I don't really want to pay ~$300 for a direct replacement Freshwater III Ozone System if I can avoid it. I doubt there is a cheaper listing than the $258 that amazon has it listed for so my question is: Is there a cheap aftermarket replacement ozone system that is compatible with my model?
  12. If this does not beong here please delete it. I know it's not a "hot tub" but there are really no big communities for whirlpool tubs. I bought (what I believe to be) a Neptune whirlpool tub used but I can not find a model number anywhere on the tub only some type of sticker. It came with some damage to what I believe is an air line fitting at the bottom on the tub and I wanted to know if someone could ID this part for me. Also would this be an easy fix? Also could someone tell me if this tub uses a modern pipe design where the pvc is bent to allow water to drain completely after the tub is drained?
  13. I have a 2013 HotSprings Jetsetter and while winterizing it I managed to accidentally break 2 things. 1) The barbed fitting on the Freshwater III ozone generator 2) The male end of a pvc pipe Can these 2 thing be replaced? If so where can I purchase them? I know the pvc pipe shouldn't be too difficult to replace but I don't know if I have to replace the whole ozone generator or not to fix that.
  14. Ok, you made me second guess myself so I went back disconnected all the lines and blew them ALL out. I can confidently look you in the eyes right now and tell you straight up there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHANCE anything is getting frozen in that tub. However while disconnecting all those lines the fragile plastic broke on 2 parts (pics included). I know that 90 degree elbo shouldn't be too expensive/hard to find and replace but the barb fitting on the Freshwater III ozone system has me really concerned. I'm worried I might have to replace the whole unit in order to replace that barb fitting. Any ideas?
  15. I only removed the intake line of the recirculation pump and blew there and also both sides of the main pump. Wouldn't the antifreeze cover all the other spots that were missed?
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