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  1. It was a repair guy from the spa place where it was purchased from. Did not have a good feeling he knew what he was doing. Said changed heater control board did nothing. So put old back in. Said he saw voltage dropping off at spa down to 100v and that was why pump not working. But pump works. That’s the only thing that works. Display did say protection mode once when you could get a descent view. ASL how to take it out of protection mode. Said you can just unplug it for a minute and just plug it back in. It’s been unplugged for days and just turns pump on as soon as it has power. So most likely this is a control board issue. When’s over it no sign of corrosion and don’t think a solenoid is stuck. Anyone no how to reset this spa so I can at least get some heat to it. Temperature are getting cool around here so pretty soon just drain it till the spring.
  2. One thing I was thinking. Plug spa in started circulating fine. Pressed jets and pump had trouble starting. Believe due to airlock. Finally pump kicked on but now no controls. Just partial screen power light and spa lock symbol. I will investigate controls further.
  3. I have a 2011 hot springs jetsetter and when plugged in the jet pumps instantly turn on and no controls on panel will work. Company came out tried new heater board that didn’t work. There conclusion was voltage drop issue. Electrician came out 117v and 17 amps at tub while motor is running. No expert but he thought probably tub issue. Any idea on where I can start trouble shooting. Thank you.
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