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  1. It is working. but randomly flashes OH after awhile like its not shutting off after reaching temperature. Is that High limit sensor and/or temp sensor issue? any idea where person can get replacements for those?
  2. Once i reset the breaker now i don't get the Sn anymore and it would run before that was on. Now i'm getting OH after awhile but the water isn't super hot. Where can i get replacement parts? Looks like need a high limit and temp sensor? The tub is from 2001 and everything looks original minus the replacement pump that was put in. Thanks!!
  3. Hey guys. Same hot tub now it is showing Sn on the control panel. I haven't been able to use it yet! lol. I can't find the reset button that all the people say on line. Any ideas? Water is warm not hot.
  4. Thanks for all your help everyone! I found the issue. The wiring was corroded a bit after not being used for 5 years so I cut off all the ends and rewired it and it powered up just fine. Thanks!
  5. I thought so as well but I'm all out of options. Want to test a different fuse as they only $9 here. I'm going to grab the 30 after work and see what happens.
  6. When I do that it get 0.03. local hardware store doesn’t have any 25s but they have a 30? Can I use that or that bad idea?
  7. Help!! I got this hot tub from some friends as they were tired of it LOL. I got it home and wired it up (house was prewired from previous owner hot tub) and I got the full 240volts across both hot wires in control panel but it does not turn on. any ideas? Thanks!
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