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  1. Thanks for this! Do you recommend trying this before dealing with the board? what do you think about the board. Any hope for it? Is it repairable if there is a fault with it?
  2. Ottawa, Ontario. I am pretty sure the topside has water intrusion. But it used to be that the system would cycle normally. Now it won’t. If the topside is plugged into the standard panel slot on the board, the lights in the tub come on but no pumps. If it is plugged into the optional side panel port on the board, pump 1 comes on top speed for a few mins. Under no circumstances do any buttons do anything. thanks for any advice!
  3. My 2006 Arctic Spa may need a new pack and topside. The direct replacement looks expensive, and I’m wondering if there is an alternative system I could put in that would be cheaper. The heater is not integrated, and it’s a 2-pump system. Any ideas appreciated.
  4. Thanks. I’ll grab some pictures. I did try disconnecting the topside and running it - but it doesn’t run a low speed startup cycle… nothing happens
  5. I’d love any help working through a puzzle. My 2006 Arctic spa began having trouble when the topside buttons stopped working. The filter cycle would still run ok. But now that isn’t happening - but the spa light is staying on. I unplugged the topside control from the board and plugged it into a port for an optional auxiliary topside. This gets pump #1 running on top speed when the power is turned back on. This runs for 20 mins or so, but the normal cycles do not follow. I would just buy another topside control, but I don’t want to risk a new one if the control board is bad. Any advice? If I need to replace both topside and the board, any advice on a cost-effective option? It’s a gecko system in there now, but I’m assuming I could make a change if i replace the bird and the topside at the same time. Any advice valued! Thank you!
  6. I would like to reseal some jets on my tub… any suggestions of the best sealant to use? Is marine grade silicone acceptable for this?
  7. My hot tub has had some repair to the shell and now has a few small white patches. I would like to try and paint those patches to try and match the pattern of the finish. Does anyone have a suggestion of a paint (and sealer?) to use for that? Many thanks..
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