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  1. Yes I am and the braker should be correct. Now it seems that the two pumps are broken. Also I suppose that the pumps are in incorrect positions. The two speed pump should be before the heater and then the one speed pumps are individual. Then it makes sense in the confiquration chart also. I move the two speed pump streight to the heater and make a test. If the pool runs normally I just need new pumps.
  2. I can not enter the programming by pressing the pump1 or light button. Does the in.k600 require the in.stick or how should it work?
  3. I have replaced a broken in.XM1 with a new in.XM2. Everything else is from the old system. The system has one two speed pump and two one speed pumps, in.therm heater, in.k600 panel, two side panels and in.terface system. I have selected LL19, the two speed pump works nice by being the pump1, but gives the error code FLO. It dissapears if I start and stop the pump several times. This pump is not going streight to the heater. However the LL chart does not give a opportunity for the selection that pump1 would be one speed, pump2 two speed and pump3 one speed. The pump which goes to the heater is a one speed pump. Is this the right LL to choose for the set up? Both of the one speed pumps don’t start and the side panels are not respondig. There might be also an incorrect wiring. So the problem is that the two one speed pumps are not working and I suppose that’s why the FLO message appears. If I press the pump2 or pump3 icon in the in.k600 panels, both of them get 230v of power but they dont start. I’m not sure if the in.terface is working, but the pumps don’t start even if I disconnect the wiring from them. It seems like the in.XM2 finds the pumps but don’t give them the signal to start, my LL code is wrong, the heater (and flow meter) are broken. What could be the problem or is the in.XM2 just incompatible for my set up or my control panel? Version of the in.XM2 is 186 V3.0, in.k600 604 V4.0.
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