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  1. Does anyone have any details and pictures about how to connect electrical connections to an H2x swim spa? I have not received mine yet but I want to be prepared. I do not want to bring power up through the bottom. Is there an access hole for conduit to come through the side? Which side? Master Swim Spas doesn't provide any pictures of the spot it is terminated to and how to pull power into the unit. I have (or will have) an H2x Challenger 15D. Any help or pictures would be appreciated. One more thing. I can bond the rebar in the concrete but before they lay the concrete should I bond directly to the main panel or disconnect or can it be bonded to the pool directly?
  2. Hello, I just purchased an H2X and I am trying to figure out how to bring wire into the unit before it comes so my site is ready. There are zero pictures and little information about how people do this. Do you have pictures of how you did it?
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