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  1. I am new here, and hoping to contribute in future as well...but I have a 2011 Dynasty Spas Trident tub, with a Gecko in.xe spa pack. I have searched the web and can't find the technical info I am seeking, and thought this forum may be a resource to help. Our tub stopped hearing this past weekend....and I am in Alberta, Canada....so I don't have a lot of season left before I risk freezing the tub. Nights are below -6 celsius already and I'm losing about 5 degrees Celsius per day currently. I have done the basic troubleshooting I have found so far...I have confirmed I have a hearing symbol on my panel, and pumps are running continuously trying to heat. When I adjust the temperature I hear the relay click on. I have shut off power for 5 minutes and restarted the tub but no heat. This evening I opened the spa pack and confirmed 240v on the supply side into the tub. I opened the connection panel to the heater and when I first tested...I had 120v on both L1 and L2, but not 240v across the two. I mucked around and tested some more and all of a sudden 240v showed across L1 and L2. It seems to be heating now...but I'm concerned going into winter. In the guides I have found, if I had confirmed 240v across the two wires, my heater would be the culprit...but if I don't have 240v then the spa pack is the culprit. In the case of it intermittently doing 240v power...I'm leaning towards the spa pack being in need of replacement, but obviously would prefer the heater alone. Does anyone have any other technical advice on other diagnosis or troubleshooting? Or general experience that could leade the right direction? I fear the hot tub stores will leane toward the pack being the issue without any detailed thought. Thanks in advance for any support you may be able to offer. Scott
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