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  1. Thanks for that. I suspected that something like that was the case. I have replaced the fuse and it seems to be working now. I'll take a $10 fix. The pump outlet connection is weeping a bit so I'll need to address that as well - new seal I suppose. It can't get any tighter.
  2. CanadianSpaTech - Thanks for the reply. A couple of points of clarification The spa has one circulation pump and 2 jet pumps. When the spa is powered on, a voltage detector indicates power in the conductor leading to the circulation pump terminals, but I haven't verified the voltage. If I press the Jet buttons, there is a click from the board and the indicator light come on, but the jets do not operate. I had visually inspected the 30A fuse and didn't see any evidence that it had blown, but I just tested it for continuity and there is none, so that will be a good start. It is still a mystery to me how there can be power at the circulation pump but it's not running, but I don't know how the board signals the pump to run so perhaps that voltage is always there. I've posted the diagram, if you have any other thoughts please let me know.
  3. Spa is not coming back to life after draining and non-use for a couple of months. When filled and power is restored, the display comes up indicating it is priming, but the circulation pump does not run at all - not even a hum. There is voltage detected at the pump, but nothing. I replaced the capacitor, and then took the whole motor to an electric motor shop and it tested fine. When the spa is powered up, it will throw the expected errors of no flow, dry, and overheating. Pressing the jet buttons results in a "click" at the board, but no jets. I suspect the board may have an issue. It is a Balboa VS504SZ (pic attached). I'm looking for a list of places to start. Visually, the board looks ok and the spa ran fine for 8 years before being shut down. Any help appreciated!
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