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  1. Thanks CanadianSpaTech. Disconnected everything but the circ pump and it tripped the breaker and threw a flo code. Guess the flow switch was getting enough water though it with the main pumps on. Will order a replacement and go from there . Hopefully the gremlins have left.
  2. Hey again. I have a Sundance Optima Sentry 750/ 850. It was blowing the main fuse and I isolated it to the either the blower motor, heater, or circ pump. I installed a new heater today and instead of blowing the main fuse, it trips the breaker after about 5 minutes of running. The circ pump and blower are disconnected( don’t really need the blower) and I’m wondering if it’s tripping because the circ pump isn’t hooked up? Any help diagnosing this would be awesome.
  3. Hey. I have an inherited Sundance Optima Sentry 750/850. Been trying to get it running for about a year now. At first it wasn’t coming up to temp, then it started throwing codes. I’ve replaced the temp sensor and flow switch, and now I don’t get codes anymore. However, now it will blow the main fuse after about 15 minutes of running. I’m thinking it might be the circ pump or heater. Any advice or help would be awesome
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