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  1. Thanks, that was my thoughts, the intake usually being under water, I just could not see how it could have gooten the scorched look.. I guess it is black mold then, could have been a lilt moisture left on it, top put on, and it set for years.. I'll just use some mild soap and water, and clean it.. I see that where the filter would be there is only a filter basket, I guess this one is not that well filtered.. I would pay to have it drug off, and just put in a new one for lik 5 grand, but I am currently renting, and I do not want to make that kind of investment until I know I have found, and own my own home... I hope I can clean it, fill it, and it runs ok. The only thing I know about hot tubs is how to read and adjust PH, and fix it if the pump gets air locked.. Any tips on trying to get back to the 80's in this thing are appreciated!
  2. It is a Gorelax Hot Tub/ Heating Coil 120V 900W (HR 19/10) Hard to find, so far I have not found any..
  3. I have a hot tub at the place I am renting, the landlord said they had not used it in years, but that it worked before. I was going to clean it up, if it ran I was going to run some hot tub cleaner through it, for any nastiness built up in it.. But when I took off the cover I see a early 80's hot tub, and then that darn movie popped into my head.. lol See the water intake at the bottom, one looks burnt, or maybe it is just mold.. Could an intake pipe get burnt somehow? Anybody have an idea what year this hot tub could be, or the model? I do not see a model number on it anywhere..
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