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  1. interesting thought on jets being blocked ... I'll need to do some disassembly and any tips on taking the jets apart/off would be good ... and if I figure it out, I'll post some info
  2. my impeller looked fine when I had it out but I'm going to drain the tub again and pull the pump apart once more and see if I can learn anything. Right now I have a similar problem as you in that only about half the jets working. and here's a set of photos from the left side ... let me know if you need any more.
  3. Here's some photos ... last one shows T in plumbing under canister (and I can't get it to rotate no matter what I try, sorry)
  4. okay, I don't see a flapper in the filter area, just a couple of air lines. I see that there is a PVC T coming off the bottom of the filter that goes under the hot tub. If there is a flapper, it is probably is related to that. I might need to find a diagram of how this hot tub is plumbed.
  5. Thanks for the tip on the flapper. I'll have a look and let you know if that's it. The filters are always in place when we run it so that's what makes me think it's an internal source but there doesn't seem to be a lot of parts that could be breaking down/delaminating
  6. I first starting seeing little black pieces floating in my spa and my first thought was maybe the pump impeller was disintegrating but after pulling the Wavemaster pump apart and inspecting things, all I found was more (and bigger) pieces stuck in the impeller. Is there some other location in the spa where these could be coming from? or maybe I don't recognize what the pump housing and impeller should look like (does anyone have a photo of what the pieces should look like?) I've attached a photo showing the size of the pieces. Any help would be appreciated Dave
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