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  1. So I started to notice a trend with my water every time after I add chlorine granules. The water chemistry is still balanced and water super clear, but I every time I add new chlorine and let the jets run for about 20 minutes, I come back and see this on top of my water: The camera doesnt really do a good job at capturing it because it looks like little flakes in the pictures but its not. Its more like clusters of little air bubbles clumped together and it makes the surface of the water look a bit hazey. But after a couple of hours its all gone and clear again. Is this a normal thing? Or is it a sign that I am adding too much chlorine?
  2. Do you guys have any recommendations for a product to clean the hot tubs walls with after the purge and drain before I fill it up again with fresh water?
  3. Thanks guys. Really appreciate the help. If we get another warmer day soon I will purge, drain and refill the tub. My spa dealer gave me a starter kit full of chemical products from the brand Spa Life. One of the bottles is "Whirlpool and Tub Rinse" See here. It says it cleans the plumbing system. Do you have any experience with this product and can you say if its good? To apply it I just add it to the water, let it run for an hour or so with the jets on and then drain the tub?
  4. Thanks Ratchett! Yes, it has an ozonator. Right now it runs for 6 hours a day divided in two 3 hour filter cycles. However my tub is also "polling" the water temperature every 30 minutes and runs the pumps including the ozonator when the water needs to be heated. It wont run 24/7, but filter cycles + water heating it probably runs 8 - 10 hours a day. The only way the ozonator comes on is when my pump #1 is activated and it automatically switches back off on its own if its not in a filter cycle and the water does not have to be heated. The only way for me to have the ozonator run 24/7 is if I modify my filter cycle to run 24/7 instead of 2x 3 hours a day. Is that what I should do? For me this is going to be a problem. I live in Alberta Canada and we get 8 months of winter and freezing cold a year. My first fillup was done on September 25. So the water is only 2 weeks old. If I wait 3 months its already going to be in the freezing temperatures and then I wont be able to drain and refill it as the water will instantly freeze and my water line in the yard will also be frozen. Again, this is something I asked my local Spa dealer about and they told me I have one of the more higher end hot tubs with advanced filtering, ozonator etc so the water should last till Spring so I dont have to worry about draining and refilling it in the blistering cold. Or so they said at least...
  5. Hi All, I own a brand new Calspas hot tub which I am very proud of. I have never owned a hot tub before in my life so of course I want to keep it pristine as long as I can. One thing I do religiously is testing the water chemistry every single morning after I wake up. My local spa vendor told me to test once every week if its not being used or every few days if the tub is being used by people. However, I like to do it daily. Newbie question here: I know I have to maintain a chlorine level of 1 - 3 ppm at all times. However, for whatever reason every morning I come in with my test strip, there's almost no free chlorine left in the water, even when I haven't used the tub in a week for example. Is this normal? Why does the free chlorine disappear out of the water so quickly even when the hot tub is not being used? It confuses me even more because my spa vendor told me that if nobody uses the tub I can test and adjust the water chemistry once a week, but it seems I need to add chlorine literally every single day. pH, alkalinity and hardness are all in the OK zones and stable. I rarely have to adjust these levels. I just need to add chlorine daily. The hot tub is sitting indoors in an enclosed gazebo and also has a cover over top. Thanks for the insights in advance.
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