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  1. I'm a first time hot tub owner now about 9 months in, so I've done a few water changes and I'm having a consistent problem trying to balance my water. I'm filling my hot tub with well water that has gone through a charcoal filter and had Leisure Time Metal Gone added during filling. After bringing the water up to temperature I will typically have a pH of approximately 6.5 and Alkalinity of 15. So I start by increasing the Alkalinity to at least 100ppm, but after adding Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser I always end up with a pH that is much higher than 7.6 even with Alkalinity just above 100 ppm. This last refill I ended up with ph of 7.9 and Alkalinity of 135. If I use Leisure Time Spa Down to bring down the pH, so too drops the Alkalinity and around and round we go. After a lot of Googling I've found plenty of advice on how to decouple pH and Alkalinity when the situation is the opposite; low pH and high Alkalinity. But I haven't been able to find any helpful information about how to decouple pH and Alkalinity when the pH is high and Alkalinity low. My hot tub dealer just says to use the hot tub until the pH comes down through use, but it takes a LONG time for the pH to come down from 7.9 and I'm concerned about damage to the hot tub and/or effective sanitation. Is there a trick I'm missing?
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