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  1. Ok thanks for all your help. I will not be able to replace or repair the board for a few days. The pump hasn’t stopped running could that end up being a problem? I understand it’s not going to heat up but having the pump running will at least circulate the water and keep it from freezing ?
  2. Im getting a reading around 15 votls from the heater plug
  3. It is in standard mode. I replaced the sensors because it kept tripping into HH mode. I finally got that fixed and now it won’t heat up. Jets work fine hi and low. The heating light comes on and stays steady. It will get down to about 30 degrees at night where I am at.thanks for your help.
  4. I just replaced the two temperate probes in the heater assembly. It reads the current temperature at 67 degrees. The jets work fine and the heating light comes on but it will not heat up. Any suggestions?
  5. Hello, My Viking Spas drain plug has a slow drip to it. As I was trying to tighten it it completely came out. I was able to get it back it but it’s not fully tightening. I put some flex seal on it just to keep it from not leaking. There’s still a little drip. Looking for a solution or a replacement. thanks
  6. So I replaced the A & B temperate sensors and it seem to help fix the problem. I will now run fine for one or two days before going into HH mode. I am not sure what else I can do to fix it. The local pool and spa location is giving me the run around for there spa person to take a look. I am afraid of the winter freezing my pipes if it continues to shut off. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Ok with the HH being triggered at 100 degrees. Does that sound like a burnt relay. I called a bunch of local pool places and no one I can find in my area service hot tubs.
  8. Vikings Spas thinks it’s the board. How hard is it to swap it out ?
  9. I have had the filter out during this whole time. HH was triggered this time at about 100 degrees. After having the whole spa turned off over the night. I set it for 103 and the heater came on. I then set it for 97 and the heater and pump both turned off almost immediately.
  10. I don’t believe it should trip into HH mode only at 103. I tested the water with a digital thermometer it was right at 103.
  11. Thanks for you advice. I will try that tomorrow. It was at 103 I set it to 104 and the heater light came on. I then set it to 98 and the heater light turned off. Then it went to HH mode and flash OH as well. First time I seen that.
  12. Please let me know what you think thanks !!
  13. Hello, I have a Viking Spa Hot Tub and it keeps overheating. I lowered the filtration cycle to F1, replaced the filter and it keeps giving me the HH code. Climate is not an issue as it was in the 40s at night. The water temperature matches within a degree of displayed temperature checked with a thermometer. All the jets are opened and it just keeps rising with the lid off. The heater light isn’t even on. Any help would be appreciated.
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