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  1. Hi all, thanks for your replies. To clarify, upon powering up spa goes to watchdog mode in less than a second. While turning on the breaker I watched the flow switch , it is not moving (stays open, before, during and after resetting the breaker). Pf course, no water fall. I also touched the heater, it is cold all the time. Circulation pump is not vibrating or otherwise making any noise at any point (I doubt the pump is working even intermittently). As CanadianSpaTech mentioned, it appears to me that circulation pump is not turning on hence there is no flow + the heater never comes on. Do you have any feedback on what to do next? I am not familiar with using a multimeter (but can follow directions (I did figure out how to check for continuity of the fuses in the box, they checked ok) I am leaning towards ordering the circulation pump (although I'm not sure the existing one is dead and don't know how to test it) but will wait for last minute feedback from the experts, thanks!
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