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  1. @CanadianSpaTechFelt really good talking with Pool & Hot Tub Depot on the phone today. You weren't kidding, their customer service was amazing. I ended up doing the wifi gateway on top of the spa pack. We'll see if that's worth it. She also hooked me up with a bromine tablet starter pack and shock this, and ph that. i have a lot to learn. I should upload some pics of my install for you guys! update: for the firrst time in literal years, i figured out how to easily get my phone pics onto my laptop for the purpose of uploading them to a forum. i feel like a teenager again. IMG_2297.HEIC IMG_0088.HEIC IMG_2705.HEIC IMG_1056.HEIC IMG_2381.HEIC IMG_0033.HEIC
  2. there was no activity at all. power was registering through the whole spa pack via a multi meter but that was it.
  3. so new spa pack time lol. i wass checking all the fuses just now and i pulled out a link off the circuit board that wasn't intended to be removed lol SO maybe new thread time. but what's the latest and greatest (for efficiency and economy ) spa pack for a 1 jet pump, 1 circ pump setup?
  4. outstanding thank you so much. what in your opinion would be a economical spa pack replacement? i would hate to spend $300 on a control panel only to find out i could have replaced the whole kit and kaboodle for not a whole lot more. https://www.poolandhottubdepot.com/balboa-bp100-bundle-remote-4kw-heater-tp200-keypad/ would something like this be suitable replacement?
  5. its identical to the one in this pic. There's two fuses in the spa pack that i pulled and looked at but the "fuse" part in the fuse isn't visible. i suppose i can check them with a meter. I'm in Nova Scotia
  6. Good Day all! I'm in the process of refurbishing a 2001 BeachComber 500. New Hush & Main Pp, cover and the spa pack/topside control panel looked in good shape so i installed it all and wired it up yesterday. There's power running through the spa pack and up to the control panel but the control panel seems to be no good as it doesnt light up or respond. Its all Balboa parts in these BeachCombers. what's compatible as a replacement control panel is my question. I'm in Canada and went to Hottubsupplies.ca; the control panels don't have any product description in them so i cant verify if the plug will plug into the Spa Pack or not. please help Ref; the Spa Pack is a Balboa 2000
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