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  1. Bought new spa. This is my first spa and or pool, so all if this is new to me. All the info read doesn’t apply to my situation and is different from each place ive read causing more confusion. I am going to be keeping this spa at my vacation home at the river. Wanting to know best method to keep as clean as possible while not there. We go every other weekend or so. I am able to order a kit for the spa i ordered with an ozonator, is this worth it for me to add for $95 for parts? Should i use a nature 2 stick? Any other stuff i should? Should i use all these together? Any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. Ok. So i just ordered a lifesmart ls200 4 person spa. Lower end for use at my vacation home at the river. We are there every two weeks/every other weekend or so. My question is what is the best way to keep this as clean possible? Add an ozonator that the manufacturer said i could, use the nature 2 stick, etc etc. what do you all feel would be the best way to keep in the best shape possible while not there? I am new to spas and pools so all of this is confusing at what ive read so far and hasn’t really applied to my situation as i cant add dichlor every day. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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