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  1. Thank you for all your help. I am finally up and running with no problems. Thanks again
  2. Before I make a mistake on programming this. i have 1 2 speed pump 1 1 speed pump 1 circulation pump 1 APG-U. (Advanced Plasma Gap Technology) universal voltage Del ozone that is an ozanator- correct
  3. yes and I had pump 1 and pump 2 running once..sorry can't remember what LL setting it was on
  4. I checked the fuses and they are good. I changed to LL5 and pump 2 still does not work. Then my temperature goes to ----. I then went to the light key and pressed it these are all the readings 102 temp then the time F5 12 FD 6 FF 2 EP 0 E5 12 ED 6 F 102 temperature is back. Heat is 102 and the circulating pump is running. Pump 1 works on both speeds but pump 2 does not register
  5. I tried setting it to LL2 and LL5. The hot tub is now heating, however I can’t get pump 2 to start. When I press pump 2 key nothing happens.
  6. Hello I put in a new circulating pump as I had a FLO error. I have now changed the spa pack and spa control. I put in a IN-XE-5-11-H.0 spa pack and a K450 spa control. I have a 2 speed pump and a 1 speed pump as well as the circulating pump. I set the spa control to LL3 as suggested. I got the spa to heat to 100 degrees but overnight I now a FLO error again. I have removed the air from both pumps and removed both air filters but no luck. I have reset the breaker and tried again but no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have a Lazy Boy refresh spa. thanks Dave
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