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  1. Ok...what I'm hearing from this is that if I use an acidic sanitizer (like dichlor), it's OK to use Sodium Carbonate to increase the pH of my spa w/o raising the alkalinity? Or...what am I missing (not a chemist). Here is the breakdown of what I'm using in my spa: Currently I am using the TESPERT Pool and Spa Test Strips Hot Tub Test Strips but I've used several different brands before (including ones I got directly off the Softub Direct and the bottle my Softub guy gave me). How am I supposed to test it if not with these strips? For sanitizer, I am using the Leisure Time Spa Chlorinating Granules (Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetrione Dihydrate) in conjunction with a Spa Frog mineral sanitizer insert which is a new-ish thing to help me not need so much chlorine. It seems to work. I pretty much don't put anything else in it except pH Up (Currently it's Leisure Time brand too as the "Softub" brand was out at the time of purchase, but I seem to remember the chemical makeup is the same). Don't seem to have a problem with alkalinity, though I notice cyanuric acid increases over time if I use too much chlorine. Though, no matter what I have/haven't done, I've never been able to keep my pH high enough since we got our Spa last year. My Softub rep told me that the pH should be above the "ok" range on the strip to preserve the vinyl lining of the Softub. Here is the list of things I bought last time I needed chemicals:
  2. Hi There, I have a Softub 300 gallon (I think, it's not the super big one but the next size down. About 6-ish ppl) and I am having a heck of a time keeping my Ph high enough. Softub recommends that ph stay on the high end of the spectrum, even higher than the "Ok" middle zone if possible. However, It seems like no matter what I do or how much ph I put in, my ph lingers at the low end of "ok" or even just below it. I've followed the directions on the package of "Spa up" products (Both Leisure Time and also Softub brand) and have also added a lot more than directions recommend but it still seems like I have to add ph all the time. Even trying "ph lock" doesn't seem to keep it up as high as I supposedly want it. We do not refill the hot tub too often with hose water and don't "shock" it that often, so I am at a loss of what to do. Any thoughts? Does this happen to anyone else? Thanks!
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