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  1. A follow up we are good all back to 100% wife was incorrect on pressure thanks again guys u rock
  2. No just did a full rebuild on the board nothing else was done
  3. Back up and running full rebuild now wife is saying jets aren't the same strength I can't win 😫 heating properly runs great but not sure about the pressure any suggestions
  4. Thanks again sending it to him for a full rebuild thank you will let you know when I'm back up and running
  5. Okay thank you very much I will contact him
  6. Okay thank you is that the best way to go is it cheaper than replacing the unit
  7. No errors at all so I guess time for a new spa pack eh
  8. No voltage on prongs main has 240 coming in sorry
  9. All I see is this looks odd and this is behind the one heater relay
  10. It was a dead wasp omg 240 v present yes but not on the heater plug nothing at all took out boad looks good I attached pics
  11. Checked with my old meter called for heat and got nothing on the 2 j100 and 101
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