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  1. I am a new pool owner, only had a pool about a year and a half after a new in-ground pool build. Haven’t had an issue till now, and wanted to see if anyone has had this particular issue before and what was the solution. I have attached images of all of the equipment, but we have a Jandy system, with Aqualink and PDA, an Aquapure chlorination system, and a heat pump. About a month ago our pool service told me when they checked the equipment the Aquapure system was set to 0% (was 50%). They set it back and until a week ago everything seemed to be fine but then I noticed it was back to 0% at the box and I was not able to get it to change back from the PDA or the control box. I checked the water and noticed the chlorine level was .2 since the last time the pool person came out about a week prior. So over the next week I shocked the pool, and corrected any other chemical levels, and cleaned the chlorinator and pool filters. I noticed after this was done I was able to get the box to report that Aquapure is set back to 50% on the box. So I think that is generating chlorine now, though I noticed there is a service light on now. During the time these issues began another issue happened where the pool water temperature on the PDA is being report as 200+ degrees. I cannot re-calibrate it, and due to that temperature reading I can no longer use the pool heather for the pool or spa. Has anyone had this issue? Is the temperature sensor bad? If so can anyone help me find out where that is so I can replace it? I apologize not sure why these pics uploaded upside down… Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
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