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  1. Sorry for the delay in updating, we replaced the pump. And it has been running fine. No more issues! Yay! We did take the old pump in to be serviced. And they said was a bad seal 🤷‍♀️ So we will fix and probably put the old pump back in and keep the new one for a back up. Thanks again for all your help! Hopefully if anyone else has these issues they will come across this thread and it will save them some trouble! 🤗
  2. Ahh ok..ordered pump..should be here around Oct 6th. Will update once we get it installed! Again..Thank you so so much for your time and help! 🤗
  3. No worries! Umm..switching correctly? I’m not sure..how would we know if it is switching correctly? I do know that with the (assuming faulty) pump that is hooked up now..it does switch from low to high with no issues. The pump just runs extremely hot when on high (runs fine on low) and then switches off. And then when you try and turn it back on..the spa pack clicks and the pump will not run until it has sat for awhile.
  4. I’m pretty sure we did that before…was 240 on low and 240 on high..if I remember correctly 🤔
  5. Well hello again! We took out the pump and there was no debris or anything restricting flow. Thought we might as well replace the capacitor to see if that solved the problem. Which apparently it did not 😔 so I am just going to order a replacement pump I guess. Not sure how to test any of the other things you mentioned in the previous post. Again..thank you for your help!
  6. Could a bad capacitor be causing the overheating issue?
  7. Ok..will def do that. I had looked in as best as I could when this started..and couldn’t “see” anything…spun the impeller around a few times and didn’t seem like there was much resistance. But when we get it out I will have a look. The thing is…when it runs for however long..there is a lot of power/water flow coming out of the jets..and if you take out the filters and run for a few seconds..it pulls hard enough to get a vortex going and get air ( I put the skimmer door down so that only happened for a second) I ran it again this morning without the filters to see if without that restriction it might make a difference..but no such luck 😕 is there a way to test the pump/motor itself without taking it out yet? If you wouldn’t mind even just telling me what to search for..I can look it up myself. Thanks again for your help and time! It is truly appreciated 🤗
  8. Pretty sure the pump/motor is 🤬 🥺
  9. Got my husband to do it. All tested 240
  10. I’m trying to add video again 🤷‍♀️ Pump on low IMG_2002.MOV
  11. It does not sound like that..sorry that the video didn’t work..not sure what I did wrong there. I do have a multimeter..not exactly sure how to use it to test that though. What setting to have it on etc 😉
  12. IMG_1999.MOV I attached a video of what it sounds like when I push the jets 1 button after the pump had quit. It won’t even turn on to circulate until it sits for a bit. Even if I turn off the breaker..still needs time 😩 IMG_1999.MOV
  13. I turned off A7..because the blower is gone. Should A2 be off also? There is 2 pumps..one pump is the circ on low..and then if you press it again it goes on high and runs some of the jets (that’s the one that quits on high speed) and the other runs the other jets and waterfalls. Would any of this have to do with it getting too hot though?
  14. Ok..it quit…it is VERY HOT! I can only hold my hand on it for maybe 1 second!
  15. Also there is an option for the blower..but the previous owner removed it. Said it cooled off the water too much..but I’m thinking it failed so they took it out. 🤷‍♀️
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