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  1. Thinking I needed to remove debris from the heater--at this point the circuit breaker would not come on--I disconnected the power from the heater and the hot tub would now power on. I also noticed that it wasn't making the noise that it was before (see attached video). I found that two black wires that connected the board to the heater had been resting on the heater, and the insulation was burned through (see attached photo). Could the faulty wires have had anything to do with the noise the heater was making? Since the circuit breaker won't come on with the heater connected, will the new heater need to be replaced? I really appreciate the help that's been offered here during this nearly months-long ordeal, and my wife is especially anxious to see this resolved. 1741870264_heaterrunning.mp4
  2. So would that cause the hot tub to shut off, after a couple hours of running? And then the circuit breaker won't come back on .... is there a way to get whatever's in there out? Really appreciate the advice ...
  3. Thanks I noticed the video didn't work; I'll try posting an MP4. I don't think it's a gurgling as much as it is a rattle; perhaps the video will play now. It's interesting that the pump and heater ran for hours till it gets to 90+; at that point the circuit breaker blows. I'm wondering about the possibility of debris in the system; could something be caught in the heater element, and causing it to eventually overheat? How could you check or repair something like that? 758991927_heaterrunning.mp4
  4. Recently replaced the pump and heater in this Jacuzzi Echo hot tub. The hot tub ran for a number of hours until reaching about 90 then cut off. After turning it back on, it runs for a short time than cuts off. There is a rattling noise coming from the heater ... could debris have been introduced to the system during the repairs? Could the heating element be damaged? Thanks for any information. 554571082_heaterrunning.MOV
  5. Thanks for the information. I thought that noise was as you described, and was worried that this might burn out the heater. I'm sure the pump is wired correctly because it's been working for a few months without issue ... the hot tub just won't heat sufficiently. I don't know if this is a faulty heater, or if something else is happening, and how to tell. After turning the breaker back on the hot tub came on, seemed to be working, and when last checked the temp was 90. Next morning though the power was off .... turned it back on and after about 15-30 minutes the OH was displayed. Usually when this happened (rarely) in the past the pump would still be running at low speed; in this case it was not. Here is the pump we installed Jacuzzi J Pump 2500-250 6.0a 230v 1 speed P110JB1524, 2500-250, F569000, S55CXNFE7055, 1563, 1795, Emerson Motor, LR63596 (spapumpsandmore.com) and I'll attach pictures of the circuit board/schematic.
  6. Had a total pump failure and lost all the water in the tub ... replaced the pump and then the heater ran for two days and didn't heat the water past 80 degrees. Replaced the heater; tub ran for hours got to 90+ degrees and shut off at breaker. Turned breaker back on and the tub makes a fan/blowing like sound coming from the heater box ... but the pump does not come on. Are these things related? Has my new pump failed? Really appreciate any advice that can be offered.
  7. Pipe sprang a leak; this morning it was almost empty and the power was off. I had just had a new heater put in: will that heater still work after I get the leak fixed and refill the tub? Thx in advance ... D Miller
  8. Almost a month ago I replaced the pump in my hot tub (leaking) and it was quite the ordeal to replace it. Once I had the new pump installed and filled it up, it took twice the time it should have to heat. I attributed that to the display of an error message, which went away after I turned the power off and back on. Eventually the pool reached 100, but I know, having had this hot tub for more than a decade, the heater just isn't working well. My question is could this be related to the pump replacement? Is it possible for a heater to work, but not real well? Thanks in advance for any information ...
  9. Thank you for the replies .... looks like the consensus is to do it the right (hard) way ...
  10. I've got quite the leak here ... I'm tempted to let it drain/dry and wrap it with flex tape, but I know if it doesn't work I'll be worse off than I am now. If anyone has any recommendations I'd greatly appreciate it ... we're really missing our hot tub!
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