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  1. Thanks for the responses! Both pump relays on the board are labeled 10a/30a My circuit breaker size is 50a My main concern is the control box says 14amp max as you can see in the picture. (The old control box is labeled 15a). Both pumps are 15a seen in the picture.
  2. Pump is SF. Amps 15.0 No listing for high or low speed amps, just the 15.0
  3. Hi all, I had a board burn up on me with a loose heater wire. I contacted the guy who sold me the tub and he gave me an extra board he had laying around. My question is: Old board pump 1 and 2 are labeled as 15FLA New board pump 1 and 2 are labeled as 14FLA MAX If I install this new board will my pumps trip the breaker or worse burn up this board? Or is that 1 amp difference not a concern? If it matters I have Dynasty Spa with a Spa Builders Gecko board (old one) New one is a Gecko S Class Thanks!!
  4. rmc, Did your burned up board look like mine? I ask because I've contacted a repair place and they recommended a replacement board, then told me I need the box too (which I don't think I need a new box, heck iv'e got 2 of em). And do you happen to remember who you sent your board to? I will definitely be re tightening those connections because yes I think they both vibrated loose on me... Thanks!
  5. First post here, I have had a heater wire burn up on me. Dang thing almost caught fire from the looks of it! What do you think, is this even repairable in your opinion. Guys want $125 just to bench test it. Crazy thing is, this exact wire burnt up on me a couple of years ago on the original board. Luckily I had a spare board and that one just burnt out on the very same wire. Is this common for the Gecko boards?
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