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  1. Hi, I have my hot tub outside and the cottage is for rent all year round. Therefore it is also important that I can monitor the whirlpool. That's why I built the Wifi control so that the guests don't constantly adjust the temperature. I have an isolated system for dosing. Here, however, the manufacturer has already created a way for the system to be controllable and monitorable via the network. You can see on the screenshot how often the up and down buttons and the SET button are pressed within just 31 days.
  2. Hi, yes you are right, the control immediately goes into error when the data is interrupted. With the Hawk controller I found out that you can send a reset and the connection will be resumed after a fault. With the Hawk, the reset code is sent directly the first time a connection is established. You can take a look to see if it's the same with the IQ2020 controller. The Reset HEX Code from Keyboard from HAWK is \x58\x4d\x53\x00\x01\x4b\x01\x44 and Mainboard Reset is: \x58\x53\x4d\x00\x03\x1b\x27\x10\x01\x4d I looked at the data exchange for many hours and learned little by little.
  3. If you want to do it with an ESP chip you need 1* or 2* https://www.futurlec.com/Mini_RS422.shtml to read Data from Keybord and Mainboard. The ESP Chip has only 2 Hardware Serial und you need one Duplex chip. The second you need to write Data this is a little bit cheaper https://protosupplies.com/product/max485-ttl-to-rs-485-interface-module/ I found on Ali this https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005001621705950.html?gatewayAdapt=glo2deu&spm=a2g0o.order_list.0.0.21ef5c5fT011zZ The board can handle an input voltage of up to 24V. The HAWK board has 12V. I think the IQ2020 has 12V too? So you don't need a power supply. So I used something like this. https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005002197995752.html?_randl_currency=EUR&_randl_shipto=DE&src=google&aff_fcid=28d1d0a712d3475fb761a6fdb3ad317e-1649138399021-04942-UneMJZVf&aff_fsk=UneMJZVf&aff_platform=aaf&sk=UneMJZVf&aff_trace_key=28d1d0a712d3475fb761a6fdb3ad317e-1649138399021-04942-UneMJZVf&terminal_id=8578f8c28a3a4e539777f6867c822083&afSmartRedirect=y You have to use the ESP Chip Hardware Serial otherwise you will have data drops. But my sketch is for the Hawk mainboard and you would have to adapt it for the IQ2020. If infinitenothing is still reading here, he might give you his program for the IQ2020 I just see my ESP chip in the pool has a uptime of 32 days and it works
  4. Hello @infinitenothing it took a while but I have now found a solution that I like. I implemented the project with an ESP8266. The ESP send out a website and use Websocket. So I can see the data in real time on the website without reloading the page. The website is also suitable for mobile devices. If you're interested. I have the project uploaded here https://github.com/SvenPausH/Hawk-ESP8266 I will now solder everything to a circuit board and install it in the pool when the opportunity arises. The circuit has now been running on my desk for over 3 days without dropping out. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Hi, After learning some C programming my 1st version of Hawk Control. When the program has started, the data traffic between the keyboard and the controller is output on the console. The set button can be locked by means of a switch. Since the keyboard and control are constantly exchanging the same data, there is also a switch that suppresses duplicate data. What is still missing is a web interface to call up and control the data on the mobile device. You can find the c program here. https://github.com/SvenPausH/Hotspring-Hawk Remember I have never programmed with c before. The program code can certainly be made more beautiful. If anyone feels like it, they are welcome to work on the project.
  6. Yes thank you that should be enough to control my pool via WIFI. You make my day. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  7. Hi, I've seen a lot about other devices. It's a great community in the homematic field. I was hoping to get to know a few in this area. Unfortunately, my knowledge of microcontrollers is not that good. I measured J9. Blue 3.9V Yellow 12V green 0.06V Red 0V (gnd) black 3.9V white 0.06V
  8. Hi, yes I know there is no wifi controller. So I would like to try this with an arduino. I would like to know how the HEAD Control communicates. Is it i2c? Does anyone have the pin layout of the connector?
  9. Hello, I have a hot spring hot tub with a Hawk 76840 control box. I would like to control the hot tub via wifi. Does anyone have any further data on the control box? I think there could be a way to connect an Arduino board to the control panel? Does anyone know how the control panel communicates with the controller?
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