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  1. I put sealant under the black trim plate and used that to hold it in place. It comes with a self-adhesive backing, but it was two piece and I didn't like it so I used sealant instead.
  2. The new pack did come with all the needed cords. I did have to change the red and black wires on my pump as this pack was running the high speed pump instead of the low speed pump while heating. I opened the hole up for the controller and cut the plate down some to fit. The pack was a direct replacement for the old one and went in very easy.
  3. Got it, thanks for the info. Will the new pack come with that connector or is that something I need to order separate?
  4. I am going to replace the entire system. I plan to order it next week.
  5. Thanks for the link. This is a couple hundred less than the one I was looking at. I am going to check the ribbon cable and the other things mentioned as see if I can find anything there. When I took the board out and bench tested it, there was voltage applied to the same circuits- High jet, Low jet and light.
  6. Yes, there is a GFI attached to the cord end. I do not let the heater run very long, therefore it does not trip the breaker. Breakers will surge quite a bit for short periods of time.
  7. I can press the light button, the light indicator changes but the light stays on the whole time. "Set" - When I press it, it starts linking. I am able to press "set" and lock out both the temperature and the pump controls with the "set" key. I do not know how to program the filter cycles, therefor I have not tried that.
  8. I will add some more text as I get time. I made a quick video to show what is going on. Here's the link, you may have to copy and paste it. https://youtu.be/AMlG-MdHDCw
  9. Sorry, I skipped over this info too. The water temperature is 95 degrees and I have it set at 104 degrees. The filter is out. Also, to clarify- the jets run and are working as soon as I plug it. I turned the heat up to 104 and turned the low speed pump on by pressing the jet button one time. This then activated the heater and it worked. If I press the "Jets" button a second time the heater would shut off (which seems correct as the heater and the high speed pump are not supposed to be on at the same time, I believe). I can also hear the relays for the low and high speed jet clicking when I press the "Jets" button to activate them. However, as I stated there is voltage applied to both the low speed and high speed jet output circuits at all times. This is why I went with the assumption that the relays are stuck. The controller seems to operate the control board properly, however the light, low speed pump and high-speed pump seem to stay on no matter what the condition.
  10. I see I got tunnel vision in the moment and did not post photos or report back on the test you asked me to do. I did do them. I first shorted out the wiring to the pressure switch and then used a screwdriver to short the two terminals directly on the board. There was no noticeable change (The pump was still running on high). I also tested the continuity through the pressure switch and the switch is currently closed (appears to be working as it's supposed to, assuming it's supposed to be closed). I only took a photo while I was testing the pressure switch and while I have the wires twisted together, effectively shorting the circuit out. I did also short it out directly at the terminals like you said as well, I did not take a photo of that. I appreciate your willingness to help me.
  11. I never said or indicated that I know more than you do. In fact I did everything that you asked and showed the photos. I am interested in your experience, which is why I posted here asking for help. I just gave my opinion of what I thought was going on, and I may be wrong on that. I think you are misunderstanding my intention. Sounds like you feel I am wrong about the stuck relays? I am open for your suggestions and willing to do as you say.
  12. After doing some more testing I am starting to believe that my relays are stuck closed ( this is what I firmly believe the issue to be). I was able to turn the temperature up on the controller and turn the low-speed jet on (from the controller) and the heater came on. However, I still have the same problem of- as soon as I plug the cord into an outlet, the high speed jet pump is called for, the low speed jet pump is called for and the light is called for. I cannot turn any of these off from the controller. So the high-speed pump runs non-stop and the light runs non-stop. I have been so focused on trying to get the controller to shut all of this stuff off I have not really paid attention that the functions through the controller do indeed work. Is there any way to unstick/replace these relays or am I into a new control board and controller? The last photo shows the jet pump running high, with the light on in the controller not calling for either of those.
  13. Here are photos with it hooked back up. I disconnected everything to see if I could get different results. With everything connected as soon as I power the unit up it runs the high-speed jet and turns the light on. The light indicates that the heater is on, but it is not, I have verified that with my clamp meter.
  14. I have a two-person 115-volt Solana TX spa that is new to me. I am trying to get it going for my in-laws. Whenever the unit is plugged into a 115-V source, the low-speed pump runs, the high-speed pump runs and the light comes on. This does this with the controller unhooked as I have it on my table bench testing it now. I can also hear a relay (s) click soon after plugging it in. The normal operation is supposed to be - nothing happens for 10 minutes then the low speed pump comes on and the heater (assuming all sensors are working properly). What is causing three different circuits on this board to output power upon initial startup?
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