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  1. Sorry, no it doesn't say Balboa on it - that's the manual that came with it. It was new. Think we'll probably have to try the company we got it from - they're just spectacularly unhelpful. I'll see what I can do about photos. Thank you
  2. Many thanks for your prompt response. Unfortunately, there isn't an option on our tub to have jets on low - it's full blast or nothing. When we turn the jets on, the meter goes into overdrive and spins about 6 times faster than it would do normally, so I do know it's the jets driving this. There is a small outlet that blows bubbles into the tub every so often, which I assumed was what measured the heat and kept things ticking over. Sorry, I thought Balboa was the brand? There's no branding on the actual machine - it's a TP600. It was the company we bought the tub from who told us we only needed to set the filter to come on once a day. We weren't given any diagrams of the circuit board or electrics tec., I'm afraid.
  3. I wonder if anyone may be able to help with the issue above please? When the jets come on in our tub our electricity meter goes into overdrive and it's costing us a fortune! We've set the tub to rest mode thinking this would stop it, but I was just outside and heard the jets come on again. I don't think the jets need to come on for filtration to take place? Is there a way to stop the jets coming on please other than when we're in it and want them on? We were advised that we only needed to set filtration to an hour a day as there are only 2 of us using the tub generally. Thanks for any advice as this is very expensive!
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