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  1. Been working normal ever since the main board swap
  2. Ok I talked with my local Softub service shop and the owner was super helpful and very informative it's probably not the temp or high limit sensor but rather the main control board. She sent me one she had that is a good used one to try for $150 and comes with a 30 day warranty. If this doesn't fix the problem then she'll credit the price I paid towards a new main control board. Today I will swap out the boards and will follow up....
  3. Pump shut down again. Water cold. Reset the power for a minute, set to 104 pump turned back on. Thinking may be bad temp sensors...
  4. Our pump is heating again. As it turns out the filter was plugged , shutting down the pump. New filter and now the water is 104 degrees again.
  5. Hi, We have a Softub T300 , problem is the pump runs just fine but the water is cool. The jets even circulate just fine. Any help would be great! Thanks
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