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  1. Turns out this was due to not enough salt. Once I added more salt, the FreshWater system stabilized.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have a FreshWater Salt System. I just replaced the cartridge yesterday. The system status shows Inactive - Low Status. This is after adding about 9 cups of salt. Current NaCl level shows around 1500 ppm. Upon removing the front panel, the FreshWater Salt System error light is flashing red.
  3. I just moved my 2020 Grandee to a new house and upon refilling and reconnecting, the green status light is blinking and the blue power light is solid. The troubleshooting section of the owner's manual states that the probable cause is a temperature sensor problem. It suggests disconnecting power for 30 seconds to reset the system. I did this and the green light is still blinking. The heater is working and the spa has reached the desired set point. Where is the temperature sensor located? What else can I do to troubleshoot the issue? Thanks!
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